Enhance Your Image

Bring your brand to life with our comprehensive solutions that are custom to your property.

Direct Purchase Uniforms

Let Cintas bring our superb service and industry expertise to create your unique style.

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Rental Uniforms

pc加拿大群5元群,(pc2蛋蛋28神测网app)We can manage your entire apparel program so you can focus on what you do best.

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wardrobe room
Uniform Rooms

A Cintas Uniform Room combines cost monitoring with great uniforms tailored onsite!

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Improve Cleanliness

Raise Guest Satisfaction scores, lower capital expenses and reduce operational expenses with products and services that Protect, Maintain and Deep Clean.

Tile and Carpet Cleaning
Tile & Carpet Cleaning

Revive your floors to their original beauty with our state-of-the-art Tile & Carpet Cleaning Service.

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coil cleaning
Coil Cleaning

Reduce energy usage, extend asset life, and improve your guest experience with our A/C Coil Cleaning service.

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towel and mop
Microfiber Cleaning

pc加拿大群5元群,(pc2蛋蛋28神测网app)Reduce housekeeping costs with the Cintas Microfiber System, allowing the process of cleaning to be efficient, safe and easier for your employees.

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Mat Programs

pc加拿大群5元群,(pc2蛋蛋28神测网app)Enhance your property's appearance, deliver protection and increase branding with Cintas mat programs.

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cleaning chemicals
Cleaning Chemicals

Attain peace of mind knowing your chemicals are properly diluted and always in-stock.

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Maximize Safety

Protect your guests, your employees and your property with Cintas' Safety and Compliance Solutions.

First Aid and Safety
First Aid & Safety

pc加拿大群5元群,(pc2蛋蛋28神测网app)Be more prepared for the unexpected with first aid tools and emergency training.

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Fire Protection
Fire Protection

Cintas can help you protect your guests, employees, and property with Cintas fire protection services.

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    Check out features and news articles on Cintas, Cintas partners and our industry.

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    pc加拿大群5元群,(pc2蛋蛋28神测网app)Discover industry research and client experiences through our case studies and white papers.

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